The Don Pedro & Cheetah Experience

The Don Pedro is a classic South African drink.  A boozy milkshake made from ice cream and fresh cream blended with Amarula, also sometime with added peppermint.  

Amarula is a traditional South African cream Liqueur made from the Amarula fruit.

The Don Pedro cheesecake takes all of those flavours and makes for a delicious cheesecake.  This can be enjoyed as is, or if you want you could freeze it and enjoy it as a cold ice cream style desert.

50% of every order will be donated to Cheetah Experience, a cause close to Chris’ heart.  Read on for more information…

Cheetah Experience is a registered charity based in South Africa.

Cheetah Experience is dedicated to fighting for the future survival of the cheetah by focusing in particular on education and research.

In December 2016 cheetah population figures were revised, showing alarmingly dwindling numbers. As a result the cheetah is now very much facing a race for survival.

The best estimates put world population numbers at 7,100, down from around 100,000 in 1900. The cheetah is also now confined to 9% of their historical distributional range.

Due to the species’ dramatic decline, researchers are calling for the cheetah to be up-listed from ‘Vulnerable’ to ‘Endangered’ on the IUCN Red List of Threatened Species. Cheetah conservation projects need urgently to unite their efforts to reverse the declining numbers.

For more details on Cheetah Experience, please visit their website at

Chris is a proud supporter of Cheetah Experience and makes regular visits to South Africa as a volunteer, helping out on the farm.  During the COVID-19 pandemic, Cheetah Experience have struggled massively.  They are a non-profit and all of their income ceased when they could no longer accept visitors or volunteers.

With every order of the Don Pedro cheesecake, 50% will go direct to Cheetah Experience where these vital contributions will go towards ongoing medical care and provide food and enrichment for the cats.