Easter Eggs


Don’t want the regular style cheesecake? Then why not go for something different! A cheesecake in an egg! Each egg shell is lined with a crumbly biscuit base and filled with a creamy vanilla or chocolate cheesecake mix loaded with creme eggs and mini eggs.

Default Base: Digestive Biscuit

A single order is for two half shells.


Leave “None” selected for the suggested base mentioned in description above.

If you would like a celebration decoration added to your cake (such as “Happy Birthday”) select the option below. If ordering multiple small cakes only add this once per order unless you require multiple toppers!! If selecting the “nth” age banner, please provide the age required in order notes during checkout.

With this product, you will earn
11 Points in Cheesecake Slices
Quantity discounts
1-4 -0%
5-8 -5%
9-12 -10%
13-16 -12.5%
17+ -15%


Nutritional Information:

Contains Dairy & Gluten

See Nutrition for Ingredients and Nutritional information. (Opens in new window)

Please check with me if you have a nut allergy as some biscuit bases and some ingredients may contain traces of nuts. If you have an allergy I will ensure I use alternative ingredients.