Matcha Green Tea & White Chocolate


Dating back to the 8th Century, Green Tea was (and still is) core to Japanese Tea culture.  Here we blend the fine, nutrient rich Matcha Green Tea powder with White Chocolate for a sweet and bitter, creamy cheesecake.  Decorated with a dusting of Matcha powder and grated white chocolate.  Some may consider this an unusual combination, but don’t knock it until you try it 😉

Suggested Base: Digestive Biscuit


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Nutritional Information:

Contains Dairy, Gluten & Caffeine

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Please check with me if you have a nut allergy as some biscuit bases and some ingredients may contain traces of nuts. If you have an allergy I will ensure I use alternative ingredients.

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1 x X-Large Cake (25cm – Serves 10-12), 1 x Large Cake (20cm – Serves 8), 1 x Sharer Cake (12cm – Serves 2), 1 x Medium Cake (9cm), 1 x Small Cake (8cm), 2 x "Party" Cakes (7cm)