Amarula & White Chocolate


Amarula is a traditional South African Liqueur made from the fruit of the Amarula tree.  It has a similar taste to Baileys. This delicious creamy cheesecake has the subtle flavour of Amarula, loaded with white chocolate topped with fresh cream, chocolate and chocolate sauce.  It’s my take on a typical Don Pedro – a boozy milkshake native to South Africa!

Suggested Base: Digestive Biscuits



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Nutritional Information:

Contains Dairy, Gluten and Alcohol

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1 x X-Large Cake (25cm – Serves 10-12), 1 x Large Cake (20cm – Serves 8), 1 x Sharer Cake (12cm – Serves 2), 1 x Medium Cake (9cm), 1 x Small Cake (8cm), 2 x "Party" Cakes (7cm)